During the summer of 2004, the O’Fallon Historical Society formed the Sesquicentennial Steering Committee in order to begin preparations for 2006.  Jim Karll, President of the Historical Society informed the Board of Aldermen of their plans and, having received the support and encouragement of city staff and elected officials alike, the Steering Committee has continued moving forward to plan a Sesquicentennial Celebration that the people of O’Fallon will enjoy and remember for many years.

Mission Statement for the Sesquicentennial Steering Committee

The purpose of the Sesquicentennial Steering Committee is to plan and present a quality celebration for the citizens of O’Fallon to commemorate 150 years of life in O’Fallon.

In doing so, the Committee has as its purpose to create an enhanced sense of community among new and long-standing residents, among residents and businesses in all areas of the city, and to stimulate historical and genealogical interest, both privately and civically.


    To participate in one or more of the Sesquicentennial events, please contact any of the following Steering Committee Members.  If you’d like to make a donation, you can make your check payable to O’Fallon Sesquicentennial Steering Committee and mail it to:

O'Fallon Sesquicentennial c/o Bank of Old Monroe
P. O. Box 307
O'Fallon, MO 63366

All donations of time, energy and money will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
O'Fallon Sesquicentennial Steering Committee
Jim Karll
President, O’Fallon Historical Society
636 272-8160
Raleigh Jessup
Chairman Emeritus
636 240-4175
Pat Swinger
President, Sesquicentennial Steering Committee
636 240-4588
Nancy Fischer
636 240-3801
Cheryl Hibbeler
636 272-8160
John Griesenauer
636 379-8791
Sharlet Mackey
636 281-8146
Dennis Maher
636 442-3903
Lewis Swinger
636 240-4588
Craig Sydnor
636 734-5626 or 636 462-3951
Sister Charlene Grieshaber
314 576-6248
Gary Spears
636 379-2990
Wendy Prakop
636 281-4497