State Auditor Susan Montee Delivers State Audit Findings

(Originally posted in 2009, updated March 19, 2012): Susan Montee, the elected Missouri State Auditor, delivered the Crystal City audit on October 14th, 2009 to a crowd of roughly 100 people in the Crystal City High School auditorium.  A petition was circulated beginning in April of 2008 that gathered enough signatures to authorize the audit.   There was a question and answer period afterwards.

Here is the full report that was released on that evening.  City officials and the city council from Crystal City were given a preliminary copy of the audit report in July of 2009.

In late 2009 the City issued this statement about compliance with the State Audit.   In this statement it says "The department heads and I will be addressing each issue in a systematic fashion.   We will prioritize all issues, dealing with findings that concern financial management and integrity first and then work from there.  Once that is achieved the goal will be to advance the City's operations to create a more efficient, effective city to better serve the public.  Our goal is to have addressed each issue within one calendar year".

As of this writing, over two years have passed and we are not aware that anything has been published or publicized by the City regarding the State Audit.   However, the City claims that they have complied.