(Originally posted June, 2009, Updated March 25, 2012) Below you will find information about the June 2, 2009 special election that was held because of problems in the April 7th election of the Ward 1 council person in Crystal City.  In the April 7th election Kim Friedmeyer won the votes by a margin of 4 votes.  It was discovered that 10 of the residents in Ward 1 actually voted in the wrong ward and a special election was sought by the County Election Authority, Wes Wagner.

Even though Wes Wagner's County office has continuously taken the blame, the problems appear to have started with a list from the office of the Crystal City Clerk's office that was sent to Wes Wagner's office on 11/30/2008.  That communication and the response back from Wes Wagner's office can be seen here.   This shows that there were mixups that were identified before the election of April 7.  But they failed to notice that the even numbers of 6th street were listed in two different wards.

The official election results from the June 2, 2009 election can be found here - here.  Eric Downs won that election by 6 votes.


(Originally posted April, 2009, Updated March 25, 2012) Below you will find information about the April 7, 2009 election:

  • The current ward boundaries.
  • A video recording of the public participation portion of the hearing for the smelter conditional use permit from March 2, 2009.
  • An audio recording of an interview with council candidates Eric Downs (Ward 1), John Whiddon (Ward 2) and Joshua Ly (Ward 3).  Christee Zimmermann (Ward 4) could not make the interview.   Courtesy of KJFF - www.kjff.com, recorded March 30, 2009.
  • An audio recording of an interview with council candidates Kim Friedmeyer (Ward 1), Charlie DeBoor (Ward 2), Jason Eisenbeis (Ward 3) and David Picarella (Ward 4).   Courtesy of KJFF - www.kjff.com, recorded March 31, 2009.
  • For recent background information, take a look at the Trust Issues of 2009.
  • See what conditions were put on the Conditional Use Permit here.
  • Listen to conflicting viewpoints between Crystal City Building Commissioner David Kozal and Jack Ginnever concerning recent information about the smelter, courtesy of KJFF - www.kjff.com.


(Originally posted April, 2008, Updated March 25, 2012) On April 8th, 2008, Crystal City citizens finally had a chance to make their voices heard through a city council election and annexation issue.  All four of the C4 (Concerned Citizens for Crystal City) endorsed candidates won their elections: Della Selmon in Ward 1, Dan Portell in Ward 2, Debbie McKenna in Ward 3 and Terry Laburay in Ward 4.  Except for Ward 1 which was uncontested, all ward voting percentages were approximately 59% to 41%.

The annexation issue also passed 63% to 37%.  Voter turnout was very high with approximately 41% of the registered voters participating.

Our mission has always been to give you all the information that you need to make an informed decision.  To that end, we provided a series of Trust Issues that were inserted weekly into the local newspaper, The Leader, and are also available online by clicking here.  Each of these Trust Issues covered an important topic relative to the April 8th election.

The annexation issue became clearer in 2008.  We attended a Festus city council meeting on Monday, April 7, 2008 and learned a lot about the motives of both Festus and Crystal City regarding the annexation.   We know now that this area is a prime spot for a thoroughfare providing access from highway 55 to the proposed smelter facility and that the previous owner of the smelter project was interested in purchasing the Festus Airport and land from other private property owners around that area.  See Trust Issue #4 for more information.

In the past, the Concerned Citizens for Crystal City organization has mailed postcards to all of the citizens of Crystal City.   

These postcards are reproduced here.