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Can you see how a headline can attract attention?  We do not claim that there is any truth that a local newspaper is "beleagered".  Nor do we claim that we were "attacked".   But this headline sensationalizes the truth and attracts attention.  

That is exactly what a local newspaper did to CCCC when it brought attention to recent claims brought against CCCC by a friend of the developer of a proposed smelter in Crystal City.  CCCC was accused of many outlandish claims in a recent complaint to the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC).  The ruling from the MEC stated that CCCC violated two very minor regulations - (1) CCCC did not have a formal resolution on file that showed that political expenditures were approved and (2) CCCC did not put the exact words "paid for by" on postcards that were mailed.

The local newspaper that covered the story chose to use the word "sanctioned" in a front page headline on Wednesday, October 29, 2008.  There are two possible definitions of the word sanctioned in this context.  One definition would be "to approve" and the other would be "to penalize or punish".   The MEC did neither of these.  


There are new lawn signs in Crystal City apparently expressing loyalty to the smelter project and the industrial zoning that would allow a barge port to be put on Bill Bradley's farm.   But what exactly does the sign mean?

There are a group of arrows that form a circle with the words "Industry", "Jobs", "Progress", "Schools".   The CCCC group couldn't agree more.  We have never been against any of these concepts.  We are only opposed to (1) the way the deals were done and (2) the lack of oversight by our governments to provide leadership and to protect the citizens.  

The phrase "We Are Crystal" serves no purpose but to alienate everyone that disagrees with the pro-smelter group.  It implies that all opposition to the smelter is from people outside of Crystal City or, worse yet, people that are not in the pro-smelter circle.  Crystal City residents are the only ones that can vote for Crystal City issues.  Let's let the voting record decide who "we" are.

This same theme is made even more obvious by the words "Our Town Our Voice".  These words go further to imply that the city of Crystal City belongs to and is owned by this group of pro-smelter people.  This attitude displayed by the pro-smelter group should be an indication to anyone about the differences between the pro-smelter and anti-smelter groups. The CCCC group believes that all citizens of Crystal City deserve an open government and an opportunity to vote for the direction of the community.  The city of Crystal City belongs to all of it's citizens and not just some of them.


In the Labor Tribune publication dated February 21, 2008 the Jefferson County Labor Club announced that they would campaign for candidates opposed to the smelter plan.  

On January 19, 2008 the Disability Resource Association issued a press release that they would stand with the citizens of Crystal City that oppose the iron smelter.

See more recent documents in our documents section.


In a letter dated February 11, 2008, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has responded to a complaint of firebrick and glass cullet in Plattin Creek.  

In that response MDNR is demanding that PPG sample the firebrick, do a metals analysis of Plattin Creek and investigate the firebrick and glass cullet for removal or capping.  MDNR states that these actions should have been part of the BVCP (Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program) that was done on the PPG property.

Probably the most important information that needs to be gathered is whether or not the firebrick contains Chromium 6.   Chromium 6 is the substance against which Erin Brockovich campaigned.  It is highly toxic even in small doses.

In their letter to PPG, MDNR has requested a work plan from PPG.  In an article in the Leader local newspaper published on February 20th, Wings owner Jim Kennedy stated that this cleanup program will not impact the plans to build the smelter in Crystal City.  


Videos from KJFF interviews and a video about why Jim Kennedy should move on.  

What better way to spend a holiday than to sit down with your family and watch the latest videos about the Crystal City Smelter Controversy. Here are the latest videos.


Speechless - Part 1

Speechless - Part 2


Thank you for taking an interest in Crystal City's recent actions regarding the PPG site.  You probably have a lot of unanswered questions about what the smelter deal means to Crystal City, Festus and the surrounding areas.  Frankly, we have a lot of questions too.  But we also have a lot of answers.   And we're getting more answers daily that we'd like to share with you.

We know that an agreement has been signed between the city of Crystal City, PPG and Wings Enterprises.  But it is not too late.

We are a growing group of concerned citizens that just want to be sure that our voices are heard.  Our goal is to stop the smelter.  We are not anti-jobs and we are not anti-city.  We are not sponsored by any other organization.

Our justification for our actions is that the smelter will change the very complexion of our community for generations to come and that this very important decision should not be made by a few in secret.  Let your voice be heard!

If you disagree with this objective you still owe it to yourself and your children to stay informed.  There is a forum for open discussion.  All opinions are welcome.