Vote for Jack Ginnever 
for Mayor of Crystal City
April 6, 2010 

It's time for a change in Crystal City.  The citizens of this community deserve the type of management that will guide our city to once again become the economic engine of the region.

These are very critical times for defining the future of our town, the community and the future for our children.  Please take the time to know the candidates and the issues at hand.  If you do, I believe that you will have the same hope and vision that our city will be a more secure and prosperous place.  

This can only happen with the right leadership.  I’m asking you to make the right choice and vote for Jack Ginnever as Mayor of Crystal City.  To understand my stance on the issues please click on the links at the top of this page. Or email me at or call me at 314-541-8478.

New audio from KJFF - Matt West interviews Jack about the new information from the smelter developer.  Click here to hear the audio from Jack’s interview of Wednesday, March 24, 2010.

A special thanks to the new online news source JeffCoScribe for an in-depth interview with Jack Ginnever.  Click here to read the article published on March 11, 2010. 

Also thanks to KJFF for hosting an interview.  Click here to hear the audio from Jack’s interview of Monday, Jan. 25, 2010.

To support Jack’s campaign please send donations to:
The Committee to Elect Jack Ginnever
24 Mississippi Ave.
Crystal City, MO  63019mailto:jginnever@jackginnever.com

I will guide our city into the new decade and speak for the people.

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