There was an insert in the April 1st edition of the local Leader newspaper with the accusations below.  They are misleading or simply not true.  Please read the responses to these accusations.


  2. BulletMisleading Ads/Untruths by C4

  3. C4 refers to the group Concerned Citizens for Crystal City.  Jack Ginnever helped to form that group and he is still the president of that group.  The ads that they refer to are early flyers that were sent out before anyone knew what the smelter developer was proposing.  This has been the story from the beginning.  The smelter developer conveniently releases information as it benefits him for political reasons.  For example, the groundbreaking ceremony that attracted the news media was conveniently created right before this election.  After the ceremony the property once again became a ghost town. 

  4. So the C4 group did not know what the smelter would be at the time of the ads.  Now Jack’s opponents want you to believe that we’ve mislead you.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  At the time those ads were created there was no information that would lead anyone to believe that there would not be smoke stacks.  And just because there are no smoke stacks does not mean that it would be a clean facility. 

  5. BulletMayoral Candidates with No Municipal Experience 

  6. Jack Ginnever has attended almost every council meeting for the last 2 1/2 years.  That is more than most of the active council members.  It is true that the current Mayor has more municipal experience.  But that does not mean that he is the better candidate for the job.

  7. BulletCandidate changes his position on the Wings project at his convenience or whim

  8. Jack Ginnever has never changed his stance on the Wings project.  He has always been pro-industry.  The people that make this accusation do not want you to make that distinction.  The Wings project is not a clean project.  It is cleaner than traditional smelting and steel processing.  But that does not make it clean.  LEED certification only applies to how buildings comply to green specifications (e.g. CO2 emissions and energy efficiency).  LEED says nothing about the processing facility or the storage of coal or slag.  The fact is that there would literally be tons of coal and slag stored in Crystal City close to residential neighborhoods.

  9. The main objection that Jack Ginnever has had, and still has, with the Wings project is the way that it was brought about.  And today their are two main questions that are in the minds of most citizens: (1) can the Wings developers and it’s proponents be trusted and (2) is an iron smelter and barge port right for Crystal City?  Jack Ginnever, as Mayor of Crystal City, wants to answer those questions for the citizens.   

  10. BulletCandidate and C4 members have multiple lawsuits pending against the City costing taxpayers thousands of dollars in attorney fees

  11. It is true that there are lawsuits.  The main lawsuit, and the one that has been the most expensive, has to do with the Sunshine Law and the rights of citizens to know what their government is doing.  This is a fundamental right that should not be dismissed and must be upheld.  The trivial statement about it costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars does not mention the fact that Jack Ginnever and most of the C4 members are Crystal City residents that pay taxes to the city of Crystal City.  So not only are they spending thousands of their own dollars to make sure that the law is upheld, they are also paying taxes to the city that pays for the defense.  In other words, Jack Ginnever and C4 members are paying for both sides of this lawsuit.  This should be an indication to anyone that C4 is not taking this lawsuit lightly and believes that the law must be upheld at all costs.