(Updated March 19, 2012): Soon before the City elections of 2009 a misleading half-page political advertisement appeared in the local Leader newspaper this week.  According to the Leader newspaper, the paper was delivered a day late to Crystal City residents because of production problems.   The neighboring town of Festus received their newspapers on the normal delivery day of Thursday.  

The advertisement was paid for by Keith Johns, the son of Debbie and Gary Johns.  Debbie Johns is the City Clerk for Crystal City.  The advertisement strongly implies that the state audit was concluded, found no wrong doings and cost the citizens $30,000.   It also accuses the Concerned Citizens for Crystal City of lying, intimidation and wasting the taxpayers' money.

The truth is that the state audit was not finished.  The state audit was finished in October of 2009.   This advertisement appeared right before the council election of April, 2009.  

The advertisement confuses the fact that there are two audits - one that is a customary, yearly city financial audit and one that is being conducted by the state auditors because of a special petition that was signed by citizens of Crystal City.  

That city audit is strictly a financial audit.  The state audit is much more comprehensive.  


(Updated March 19, 2012): When the political signs went up for the council races in Crystal City in 2009 a sign appeared on city property for Kim Friedmeyer.  Kim Friedmeyer is running for a council seat in Ward 1 and is the daughter in law of Karry "Dink" Friedmeyer, the Street Superintendent for the city of Crystal City.  

The sign appears in a fenced-in area of the old PPG property that can only be accessed by key.  Dink Friedmeyer happens to be one of the people that works for the city that has a key to this property.

Here is another picture of the sign from the streets.


Apparently it is not the tax paying citizens that do not support the current administration.  A new Crystal Reflections newsletter was published and distributed on Friday, April 3, 2009.  It was not mailed but was distributed door to door, presumably by people that are paid by the city of Crystal City.  

Curiously, we have not been able to talk to anyone that has opposing political signs in their yards that have received a copy of the newsletter.  I guess we know what they mean by "We Are Crystal" now.   Some of us pay taxes, pay for newsletter publishing, pay for the distribution of the newsletter but are not privileged to receive a copy of the newsletter at their door.