The mission of the Concerned Citizens for Crystal City is to preserve our community and maintain a clean and healthy environment for our children and grandchildren to grow up in.

We are mainly made up of citizens of Crystal City and the surrounding community.  We are individuals from diverse backgrounds, joined under a common concern for the local health and welfare of future generations.  We believe that Crystal City and the surrounding community deserves better than a polluting industry.  We know that better things are possible. We want the citizens to have a say in what the city does.

We are NOT against jobs, tax revenue, or light industry.

We ARE AGAINST: pollution, government secrecy, heavy industry near population centers, citizens being liable for environmental cleanup, and reduced property value.

Why Are We Here?

(Originally posted in 2007, Updated March 25, 2012) Hopefully you have found this site because you are concerned about the future of the cities of Crystal City and Festus, Missouri.  As you may or may not know, plans are underway to build an iron ore smelting facility to occupy the PPG land in Crystal City.

It is our opinion, and hopefully yours, that this is a short sited strategy for the future of Crystal City - short sited because it may, in the short term, provide jobs and expand the revenue base of the surrounding area.  But in the long term, Crystal City will ride a roller coaster of economic trends that could leave this 'gem of Jefferson County' a wasteland in the future.

Who Are You?

We are a group of concerned citizens from the Crystal City area.  We are not associated with the city government or any development firm.  This site was started by Jack Ginnever.  Here are Jack's initial comments when he started this site:

"My name is Jack Ginnever and I own the old PPG hospital.  I have enjoyed what used to be the site of the old glass factory.   I am not a life long Crystal City resident.  I moved here from St. Charles County because I believe that this is the absolute best community within reach of the St. Louis area.  In my short three year stay here I have witnessed a large influx of independent economic interest in this community.

I bought the old PPG hospital with the intention of preserving it as an historic landmark for future generations to see.  It is one of two buildings that are the sole remnants of the old glass factory that gave Crystal City it's name.  Look here for a brief history of Crystal City.  Now I fear that the city's plans are not taking this historical perspective and may force me, and many others, to leave because of economic reasons.

The new industrial complex that is being promoted by the city of Crystal City is literally in my backyard.  I know that I do not have control over that property.  And, if I knew that the citizens of Crystal City could make an informed decision about their future, I would understand this course of action even though I firmly oppose it.   Until I'm convinced that the people have a say in this matter, I will not rest.

I can tell you that the old PPG property has the potential to put Crystal City on the map.  We, all of us, have to be diligent enough to make sure that our community is put on the map for the right reason and that it attracts people to our area for generations to come."