A Wall Street Journal article and supporting video were published on 9/16/2008.  The title is Jobs Unwanted, A Missouri Town That Saw Industry Leave Debates What Sort to Welcome Back.  

The article tells us for the first time that the Chinese company Minmetals has withdrawn financial support from the smelter project.  It also has the first quote from former United States Senator, basketball star and Crystal City native son Bill Bradley regarding his riverfront property that is at the heart of the controversy.

The article can be found here.

Riverfront Times Article - 1/6/2008

Chad Garrison of the Riverfront Times has been following the saga of the smelter for many months.   Chad personally came to several city council meetings including the famous 'all nighter' where the city council didn't adjourn until nearly 3 a.m.  

He was fortunate enough to get a rare interview with Dave Jump (the owner of American Milling interested in constructing a barge port on the Bill Bradley property) and interviewed literally dozens of other people to get a unique perspective of the situation in Crystal City.  

Smelterville is the title of the Riverfront Times article that made the front page on January 6, 2008.