On Sunday, November 11, 2007 the Concerned Citizens for Crystal City (CCCC) hosted a press conference at the old PPG hospital site.  The press release document is here.

Using the backdrop of the proposed site of the iron ore smelter, CCCC spokesperson Jill Thomas delivered a presentation and took questions from the large crowd assembled there.  Why is Concerned Citizens for Crystal City (CCCC) going public with this previously unreleased information?   Here is an excerpt from the press release document:

Jill Thomas, Spokesperson for the CCCC group talks about why the group is just now going public with this information saying, “We have tried all the “proper channels” with the local and state government and even the law enforcement and we are not seeing results.  The public needs to know the facts about what is going on behind closed doors and the 100 years of ramifications if citizens keep quiet.”  She continued, “The City Council members are being forced to make 100 year decisions under duress (rushed, litigation threats, etc.) without VITAL pieces of information and NO project/development plan.  We, the citizens, are making it our business to find out the information and to educate the Council Members and the public.  It is the Council Members job to listen to their constituents.”   The Concerned Citizens for Crystal City is a non-profit organization formed to stop the smelter on the old PPG site and to demand a full feasibility study be done to determine the best use of the soon-to-be public land.


Here are the documents that were referenced during the press conference.

Insurance and Investors

City Emails

History and Other Documents