Trust Issues

(Updated March 25, 2012) Below you will find documents that were circulated throughout Crystal City to help promote awareness of events related to the proposed smelter and port projects.

Trust Issues for 2009

  1. Special "Citizen Newsletter" sent to Festus and Crystal City
  2. The Ever Changing Story - Who does council represent?
  3. Special "Truth and Openness" issue
  4. This is No Green Smelter
  5. It's NOT Over! - Crystal City was once a city with Integrity
  6. We All Want and Need Jobs!
  7. What is Trust When it Applies to Elected Officials?

Trust Issues for 2008

  1. Will our governmental environmental agencies protect us?
  2. Will a new, modern iron ore smelter pollute?
  3. How many jobs will there be?  What kind of jobs?
  4. What about the Festus airport annexation?  How does this relate to the recent zoning changes?
  5. How do you gain someone's trust?  I don't think that you keep secrets and hide the truth.
  6. We need LEADERS, not MISLEADERS!

Postcards for 2008

  1. You Are Invited - to vote
  2. Get to know your council candidates
  3. Crystal City could be the next...